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Sankalpa Bazaar
Sankalpa's commercial wing
Promotes primary education for the masses, focussing on distance education for the rural masses.


eEducation Homepage


Promotes the principles of sustainable development, which involve the process of integrating environmental criteria into economic practice to ensure that our strategic plans, while satisfying the need for continuing growth and evolution, conserve nature's capital for the future.

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Sankalpa Haat


Promotes creativity and the pursuit of excellence in all avenues of the arts and sciences.


ePublications Homepage


Promotes the rediscovery of the rich heritage and potentials of India in general, and Bengal in particular, by globally networking with NGOs.


Network Partners


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South of the confluence of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra and north of the Bay of Bengal lies the vast Ganges Delta plain, approximately 220 miles wide ... Parts of the delta, the world's largest, lie in both Bangladesh and the State of West Bengal, India.
The People of Bengal are proud of their culture ... epitomised in this century by Tagore. And the Sundarbans, an abundant mangrove swamp, is the largest remaining habitat of the Bengal Tiger.
But the region is also plagued almost yearly by severe storm surges and powerful low-pressure cyclones that arrive from the Bay of Bengal. Although death and destruction follow in the wake of these storms, the resilient survivors continue to cultivate food crops and build new industries, and live... just as they have learnt to survive the perennial onslaught of marauding carpetbaggers and politicians ...

The title of this page is not intended to be facetious. 'Sankalpa' in Bengali means 'to resolve'... and we need all the support that we can get to meet our  objectives

Sankalpa resolves that the people of Bengal have suffered enough, and that it is time for everyone who is concerned about the worsening state of affairs to take a definitive stand.
History proves our resilience ... our ability to cope with our god-given, natural scourges. However, it is the appearance of the artificial variety (in the local parlance -'netas' - on whom the people have reposed their trust) that is posing the greater danger.  

Sankalpa pledges to resist these artificial scourges of Bengal with all our resources.
And YOU are our greatest resource.

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Sankalpa's objective is to promote the rediscovery of the rich heritage and potentials of Bengal on the one hand, and to uncover the factors that oppress, on the other ... and through this regeneration, to make a contribution - no matter how small - to the onerous task of empowering every person, regardless of any factor that obscurantists have traditionally used to divide the people for their own narrow, partisan gains.
... and we hope that you, THE NETIZENS OF THE WORLD, will participate - for as long as it takes - until we can find a way out of this giant mess that our 'netas' and bureaucrats have created for us ... inshallah!

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If you find our presentations not up to your expectations, or if you do not see the article/contribution(s) which may have been archived due to paucity of disc space, please contact us/use the feedback form, or mail to:
We shall succeed only with your active participation in these processes. Please send in your comments about our presentations, and your own contributions for inclusion in this page. Meanwhile ...
More power to you!

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