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Standard Rates for Creative Solutions:

Effective: January 01, 2000

Category 'A': Digital Art
  • Artwork charges on 'plain paper': Rs.2.00 per (minimum: 250
  • Special effects, logos & creative work on the computer : Rs. 1,000 per hour (minimum half hour)
  • Scanning charges (upto A4 sizes) [min. 250]: Rs.0.20 per; see 'Reproduction charges' in Category 'B' below for the indicative price of prints (see 'Note' for electronic transfer to floppy discs)
  • Color OHP (ordinary): Rs.250 per slide
  • Color OHP with scanned image: Rs.400 per slide (Extra content generation, if any, will be charged additionally)
  • Graphs, illustrations, flow-charts & any graphic element created by us will be charged additionally according to work involvement: Rs. 1,000 per hour (minimum quarter hour).
  • Charges for 'Animations' and more involved 'special effects' assignments are negotiable. (Rs.2,000 upwards)

Category 'B': Photographic Restorations
  • Special effects / creative work on the computer : Rs. 500 per hour (minimum half hour working time). Most projects (almost 90%) are completed within two hours.
  • Enlargements: Rs.250 per photo (Content generation, if any, will be charged additionally)
  • Reproduction charges : (for one copy; price of custom sizes will be interpolated based on area covered)
  • Color : 6"/8" - Rs.65; 8"/10" - Rs.125; 10"/12" - Rs.200; 11"/16" - Rs.300
  • Black/White : 6"/8" - Rs.30; 8"/10" - Rs.60; 10"/12" - Rs.110; 11"/16" - Rs.175

Larger pictures may be built up with tiled reproductions; prices based on size, content & quantity are negotiable
Charges for special assignments involving sustained artwork are negotiable. (Rs.2,000 upwards)

Category 'C': Gallery of Pictures
  • Most of the artwork is available for outright purchase. The price will vary, depending on picture size and detail. In general, however, A4-sized pictures cost Rs.500, and the A3-sized pictures cost Rs.1,000.
  • Standard pictures can be modified to match custom requirements, for which artwork charges listed under Digital Art' and 'Photo Restorations' will apply.

Category 'D': Graphic Art Designs
  • The standard charges for static images are Rs.1,000 per hour (minimum half an hour), although total cost will vary, depending on work content and detail. Most (almost 75%) of the projects are completed in two hours.
  • In general, the artwork and creative charges listed under 'Creative Solutions' and 'Photo Restorations' will apply for static graphic art designs, also.
  • The price/cost of special projects involving 'Corporate multimedia presentations', 'Advertisements', 'Simulations' and 'Computer-based training programs' are negotiable.

  • 50% advance payment is a prerequisite for accepting orders.
  • Extra charges will be payable for 'urgent' jobs done during nights and holidays.
  • Transfer of electronic data into new 3.5" floppies (supplied by us) will be charged on actual cost.
  • Sorry! customers' supplies of floppy discs cannot be entertained to guard against virus infections!

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