Section 2: TEST ON MCR

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1. What does 'MCR' stand for?
Micro Control Report
Micro Concrete Roofing
Multiple Contoured Rock
Macro Census Report
2. The micro-concrete mix consists of:
2 parts sand and 1 part cement
1 part cement, 2 parts stone-chips and 1 part lime
1 part cement, 2 parts graded sand and 1 part of stone grit smaller than 6mm in size
2 parts cement, 1 part graded sand and 1 part of stone grit smaller than 6mm in size
3. The microconcrete mix requires a water-cement ratio between:
0.3 and 0.35
0.35 and 0.4
0.4 and 0.45
0.5 and 0.55
4. To make 150 MCR Tiles in the TARA Tilemaker, the quantity of cement needed is about:
80 kg.
90 kg.
100 kg.
110 kg.
5. After locking the frame, the vibrator (in Step 6) needs to be operated for :
1 hour
15 seconds
1 minute
35-40 seconds
6. After filling the nib box with mortar, the vibrator (in Step 7) needs to be operated for :
1 minute
1 second
20-30 seconds
2-3 seconds
7. After stacking the moulded tiles on a flat surface, they have to be stored for:
1 hour
12 hours
1 day
1 week
8. Immediately after demoulding, the tiles should be:
Left outdoors in the sun
Packed in wooden crates and shipped to final destination
Immersed in water
Put back onto the vibrator
9. After demoulding, the curing time is:
1 month
1 week
10 days
1 day
10. After every use, the plastic moulds will have to be:
Cleaned with water and jute fibre
Re-used as it is